Heritage: The Hunting Accident

by Annie Coleman (Kerr) Sexton, published in Stanton Stats March 10, 1994

[Father] was a very strong man and overcame several bad attacks of sickness. One time he was hunting near the Lake with a party of men. One man had a hammerless gun and when he picked it up out of the long grass it accidentally discharged and Father got the charge in the neck.

He was taken in a wagon to a house a mile away. He was bleeding profusely; knew what the others were saying but couldn’t speak. Someone had to drive to Deloraine for the doctor and someone came for Mother.

He lost a great quanitity of blood and it was touch and go with him for several days. Some of the bullets the Doctor never did get out. The Doctor said he was too much of a bulldog to die, but I think the very efficient English Doctor played an important part. The man who owned the gun was very upset and paid all the bills. Luckily my eldest sister was able to look after our home as Mother had to stay with Father.