Heritage: My Birth

by Annie Coleman (Kerr) Sexton, published in Stanton Stats March 10, 1994

Finally on February 25, 1889, when my eldest sister was eight years old, I made my appearance. It was a cold stormy day. Mother needed a doctor so a bachelor who owned a team of horses drove to Deloraine, 13 miles to get one.

Father was very happy to have a new baby — had a bottle of brandy to treat anyone who came.

It fell to my sister to help take care of me. She said I was very cantankerous — always crying. One day, when out of mother’s sight she gave me a good spanking. Another time she just let me drop on [the] ground. No doubt these things straightened me up.

A young minister from Deloraine came and stayed overnight to go on next morning for a service in a home five miles away. He was to christen me. Mother had made a special dress for me but, he couldn’t wait in the morning for me to be dressed — I wore my nightgown.