Painter Bill

by James M. Stanton of Kenora, ON., originally published August 27, 1993 in Stanton Stats

William Stanton, born October 26, 1848, in Utica, New York, was the fifth child of George Stanton and Sarah Meech. His parents had just arrived from England. Later in life he was given the nickname “Painter Bill.”

He was a bachelor and resided at Lot 17, Con. 4, Twshp. of South Crosby, Leeds County, Ontario. The North half of the property where Painter Bill’s house was situated is now owned by a Mr. Keates. The South half of the property is now owned by James Milligan Stanton [the author]. The property where Painter Bill built a log cabin was owned by his brother George [Jr.] The property was transferred to Frank Meech Stanton [Painter Bill’s nephew], who sold it to [his nephew] James Milligan Stanton in 1969.

Painter Bill traveled throughout the countryside by wagon, pulled by his faithful [horse] Jiggs. Painter Bill always made sure that his return trip home [was] via the Empire Hotel in Elgin. Jiggs was called upon to wait for Painter while he sipped ‘English Ale’. On more than one occasion, Painter Bill over indulged and slept on the way home. Jiggs faithfully transported his master to his home on the North shore of Little Lake.