Old stone walls and house in English village



December 1, 1991, Winnipeg, MB. A print newsletter called ‘Stanton Stats’ was founded by Martha Stanton-Smith. The purpose was to promote communications among all branches of the Stanton family who descended from common ancestors:

Joseph Stanton (1774-1854) and Joan Deane (1775-1874), born in Thorncombe, Dorset, England.

Joan Stanton nee Deane
Joan Deane Stanton

Two of their son’s, James and George, as well as their grandson Joseph came to Ontario, Canada in the 1800’s.

January 13, 2000, Winnipeg, MB. The ‘Stanton Stats’ was renamed ‘Stone Town Gazette’. Stone Town was chosen because the origin of the name Stanton was from old English words stone and town. The newsletter was still a print newsletter, mailed out to family members who subscribed.

January 17, 2016, Kingston, ON. The ‘Stone Town Gazette’ website is linked to a facebook page ‘Stanton Family Stone Town Gazette’ where you can post your family news. This measure was necessary because of the overwhelming amounts of internet spam which makes allowing comments on a WordPress website a nightmare to monitor. The facebook link is in the header of this page.

January 7, 2016, Kingston, ON. The ‘Stone Town Gazette’ website was created. After a ten year absence, the newsletter is back, but, this time in an online format.

Even the big newspapers are going online. The cost and amount of work to keep a print newsletter going were prohibitive. I hope that by going online we can resume the communication without the hassle.